Quality safe high filling rate size #000 00 0 1 2 3 4 hard empty vegetable hpmc capsule shell for height capsule

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Oriental Pharmacaps
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Vegetable empty capsules
Transparent and all Panton color
Raw material:
HPMC Vegetable Cellulose
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#00 #0 #1 #2
Quick Dissolving Hard Pharmaceutical Capsules
Safety Capsule
Status of Capsule:
Preclosed and Separated
Healthcare Product Content Packing Material

Quality safe high filling rate size 00 0 1 2  hard empty vegetable hpmc capsule shell for height capsule


Product Description


Product Advantage:

1.       High quality, competitive price and fast feedback;

2.       Kosher and Halal Certificates,COA certificate,ISO certificate;

3.       Natural and no-antiseptic,taste and odour can be covered effectively.





Quality Assurance

Raw material quality control:

In order to guarantee safety and stability, all the raw materials for our capsule is inspected rigidly according to Enterprise quality standards which is made on the bases of State pharmacopoeia.


Quality Control in Manufacturing:

Sampling inspection is conducted during the producing process to keep all the parameters in right normal scope to strengthen quality stability.

Glue dissolution: The temperature, color and viscosity are monitored under strict control.

Capsule production: appearance, dimension and moisture are checked by quality controller. Environment temperature and moisture level in factory room, as well as glue viscosity and temperature are monitored by the operator.

Screening Process: The sorted capsule by sorting machine is inspected by quality controller further to ensure all the capsule for sale meet quality standards. The sorting parameter is adjusted and controlled by workers in charge of sorting machine running.

Finished Product Management:

Physical & chemical indexes of finished capsule would be checked before packaging. Only the qualified capsule would be packed for clients.

Tracking of Product:

According to GMP regulation, all the capsule are packed with clear batch number and the quality records are made for tracking if necessary.

Packaging & Shipping



Lined with two layers of plastic bags and packed in two boxes ( inner box and outer box)

HEAD-CAPS is created under the philosophy of nature respecting and live with health. It satisfys the different demands of many customers from various culture backgrounds and it is popular widely around the world. We would be further dedicated to the research and development of pharmaceutical and healthcare product packaging materials. We would be the leading vegetable capsule company in China, as well as the top supplier of HPMC packaging material.


* Could you offer free sample for test?

 Yes, we can.


* What transport methods do you use?

By air, by sea and by express agent.


* Are you manufacturer or trader?

We are professional manufacturer.

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