Application comparison of plant capsules and hollow capsules

1. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is used as a pharmaceutical excipient, and is widely used as a tablet binder and cell coating agent. It is taken with many drugs and is safe and reliable.

2. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is chemically stable, does not react chemically with air and water, and cellulose is metabolically inert, so it is not absorbed in the body and is directly excreted from the body. It is not easy to grow microorganisms, so under normal conditions, it will not decompose and deteriorate after long-term storage.

3. Compared with traditional gelatin hollow capsules, vegetable capsules have the advantages of wide adaptability, no risk of cross-linking reaction, and high stability. The drug release speed is relatively stable, and individual differences are small. After disintegration in the human body, it is not absorbed and can Excreted with excrement.

In terms of storage conditions, after a lot of tests, it is almost not brittle under low humidity conditions, and the properties of the capsule shell are still stable under high humidity, and the various indexes of plant capsules under extreme storage conditions are not affected.

Gelatin capsules are easy to adhere to the capsules under high humidity conditions, harden or become brittle under low humidity conditions, and are highly dependent on the temperature, humidity and packaging materials of the storage environment.

4. After the plant hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is made into the capsule shell, it still possesses the natural concept. The main component of hollow capsules is protein, so it is easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms. Preservatives need to be added during the production process, so that there may be a small amount of paraben preservatives remaining on the capsules, and the final product needs to be selected before packaging. Sterilized by oxyethane method to ensure the microbial control index of the capsule. For gelatin hollow capsules, chloroethanol is a strictly controlled indicator. The plant capsule does not need to add any preservatives in the production process, and does not need to be sterilized by ethylene oxide, which fundamentally solves the problem of chloroethanol residues.

5. The demand for plant capsules will have a rapid growth trend in the future. Although it is impossible for vegetable capsules to replace the traditional hollow gelatin capsules’ dominant position, vegetable capsules have obvious competitive advantages in Chinese traditional Chinese medicine preparations, biological preparations and functional foods. They have wide applicability, no risk of cross-linking reactions, high stability, Advantages such as no moisture absorption.

Post time: Jun-16-2021