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HPMC capsule

1. Ensured safety of raw material
1) HPMC, non-gem, is extracted from pine fibers and natural algae collagen.

2. High stability
1) Low water content , and less moisture absorption ,especially suitable for those of strong moisture absorption and water sensitivity.
2) Strong tenacity , good elasticity , no brittleness or air slake , and high suitability ratio.
3) No cross-linking reaction with amino acid drugs.
4) HPMC hollow capsules can maintain excellent physical properties within the range of weight loss on drying of 5-8%. They will not transfer moisture to the drugs so as to ensure the stability of drugs, long storage time and other characteristics.

3. Non- animal origin
1) No risks of harmful residues or contamination originated from animal bodies.
2) Meet the needs of the religious and vegetarians, including Muslims, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc.

4. Healthy and environmentally friendly
1、Safe, green and non-pollutant pure natural plant fiber collagen and hydrophilic colloid
2、Non-gm, it can improve product grade and user brand value
3、In conformity with the concept of global green consumption and the pharmacopeia of China, the European Union and the United States.

Material advantages

Source material:
Hypromellose is extracted from pine trees. It is non-genetically modified, safe, and green seaweed with a wide range of biological activities. my country is a big seaweed farming country. Jiaodong Peninsula is the seaweed farming base in my country. The seaweed production accounts for two-thirds of the country's seaweed production. Seaweed gum is supplied as raw material adequate.


The process water is obtained by the secondary reverse osmosis method and sent to a CNAS qualified laboratory for testing every year.
Monitoring of water and raw materials:
It meets the standards of the Pharmacopoeias of China, the United States, and the European Union.

Scientific research advantage

In cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, it has a patent certificate for plant fiber hard capsules, and has passed the approval of the national drug number.


Advantages of hardware facilities

1. Fully automatic capsule production line
2. The production workshop is in constant temperature and humidity all year round to ensure the stability of capsule production.
3. The air conditioning system adopts international high-end automatic control system, dehumidification, temperature adjustment, purification and sterilization.
4. Workshop purification is managed in accordance with GMP standards, which has reached EU and national standards, and has exceeded the Class D cleanliness level required by national standards.


Quality Control Assurance
1. Focus on the construction of quality system, select high-end process guarantee system to control product quality, and continue to improve product quality, and various indicators have reached international standard requirements.
2. Design and construct production plants and facilities in strict accordance with GMP standards, and carry out standardized management of the whole process.


Customer Service

Customized service for high-end customers

Pre-sale service

provide high-quality service according to customer needs

Logistics delivery

delivery within 24 hours of the agreed time

After-sales service

quality problems will be resolved on site within 48 hours


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