About Us

About Us

Yantai Oriental Pharmacap Co., Ltd.

is an innovative high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, production and sales of plant capsule.

What We Do?

Founded in 2004, with the perfect location of Yantai Haiyang Economic and Technological Development zone in the east of Shandong Peninsula and on the north coast of the yellow sea, Yantai Oriental Pharmacap Co., Ltd. is an in novative high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, production and sales of plant capsule. With an area of 60,000 square meters , the company specializes in the production of HPMC plant capsules with HPMC and marine algae as the main raw materials. We are currently one of the manufacturers of plant hollow capsules with independent intellectual property rights in China and we are also a leader in China’s plant capsule industry.

With an annual output of 30 billion plant capsules, we have professional production technologies for HPMC, pullulan polysaccharide and enteric-coated plant capsules. We produce hollow plant capsules with natural plant materials and advanced technologies, which has won the national patent for invention. Our production plant and full-automatic production equipment were designed in accordance with the requirements of GMP and strictly complying with the standardized process management.

Our Product

With the principle of “customer foremost, quality first”, we provide safe and green capsule products for the society and endeavor to become the most energetic provider for the plant capsules in China.

Our empty Vegetarian capsules are made of 100% plant derived material (HPMC), sourced from a reputable source to guarantee quality and safety. Our raw materials pass through strict quality control assessments before going to the manufacturing stage. Multiple on-site audits are conducted every year, which allows us maintain good industry practices and to comply with International laws and regulations.

In addition, we have the best team and the best products, so that every purchase can be happy and reassuring. We will always be with you and provide you with better service.

Corporate Culture


Be a trustworthy enterprise for the pharmaceutical industry and consumers


Safeguarding the health industry

Core Value

Endeavoring to bring happiness to the employees and working hard through innovations in a pioneering spirit for the customers